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IS-projects was founded in December 2007 with a gathering of twenty artists from Australia, Europe and USA in the exhibition entitled UND Jetzt.

Since then IS-projects has initiated exhibitions and therefore meetings between artists, art-lovers and collectors. Iemke van Dijk and Guido Winkler, both artists, transform their house twice a year into an exhibition space.

IS-projects organizes group shows, connecting artists from The Netherlands with artists working abroad.

IS-projects also publishes the so called IS-boxes, limited edition sets of prints/multiples. And thus, providing accessible and ‘mail friendly’ art.

IS-projects is intimate space, internet space, international space, international style, but above all the art that we show is what it is. See related text by Jan Maarten Voskuil IS = is.

IS-projects is open all year, after appointment and on special occasions. See our blog for announcements.

2016: The Bushwick International Exposition (Brooklyn  NY/US), Transmitter IS-Project ‘Walk the Line’.
IS-projects pops up during Sluice Exchange Rates with an exhibition at Transmitter entitled Walk the Line. With: RENÉ VAN DEN BOS (Haarlem) • RENÉ EICKE (Utrecht) • RICHARD VAN DER AA (Paris) • JASPER VAN DER GRAAF (Apeldoorn) • GUIDO WINKLER (Leiden) • JASON HUGHES (Brooklyn)
For the 2016 iteration of Exchange Rates, IS-projects brings together a variety of non-objective art from several artists, mainly from the Netherlands, to an international audience in Bushwick. Selected artists are René van den Bos (Haarlem), René Eicke (Utrecht), Richard van der Aa (Paris), Jasper van der Graaf (Apeldoorn), Guido Winkler (Leiden) and Jason Hughes (Brooklyn). These artists have unique and diverse viewpoints in their practice, yet they share a language based on the vocabulary of international formalism.
Transmitter  is a collaborative curatorial initiative based out of Brooklyn New York, focusing on programming that is multidisciplinary, international and experimental.  The Gallery was founded in 2014.

Naam kunstgroep: IS-projects.
Kunststromingen: Abstracte Kunst.
Kunstperioden: Hedendaags.
Kunstvormen: Schilderijen.

Oorsprong: Leiden NL
Ontstaan: 2007.

Contactpersoon: Iemke van Dijk, Guido Winkler.
Adres: Drie Octoberstraat 16 A, 2313 ZP Leiden NL.
Telefoon: +31(0)715149882, +31(0)0628634370, +31(0)638748183.

Eigen publicaties:


  • Iemke van Dijk.
  • Guido Winkler | NL 1969 NL | Schilderijen | Hedendaags | Spatial Concretisme.


  • José Heerkens  | NL 1950 NL | Schilderijen | Hedendaags | Concretisme.
  • Ditty Ketting | NL 1952 NL | Schilderijen | Hedendaags | Concretisme.
  • Eric de Nie | NL 1944 NL | Schilderijen | Hedendaags | Abstract Minimalisme (Geometrie)
  • Tineke Porck | NL 1954 NL | Schilderijen, Sculpturen | Hedendaags | Abstract Minimalisme (Geometrie).
  • Jan Maarten Voskuil | NL 1964 NL | Schilderijen, Sculpturen, Objecten | Hedendaags | Spatial Concretisme.

Exposities:  (Solo / Duo / Groep / ?)

  • 27.01.2018 – 04.02.2018: IS-projects, Leiden NL, 10 jaar IS-projects!
  • 31.05.2014 – 29.06.2014: IS-projects, Leiden NL, ‘To the Point’.


Bronnen: Zie publicaties en websites.
Emailcontact: Beste Imke & Guido,
Bijgewerkt: 16112013/22042014/16052014/03022016/25012018

Vaak worden alleen de belangrijkste collecties, exposities, publicaties e.d. weergegeven.


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