The history of the Museum of Geometric and MADI art began more than 12 years ago when Bill and Dorothy Masterson, lifelong supporters of the arts, were introduced to the innovative MADI art movement. Fascinated by the playful complexity and fascinating figures inherent within this modern art form, the Mastersons became involved in the MADI movement, traveling around the world to collect MADI art pieces and even staying with Carmelo Arden Quin, the movement’s founder. When Mr. Masterson’s firm, Kilgore & Kilgore, moved to the building on 3109 Carlisle, the Mastersons decided to give back to the community that has supported the firm by converting the majority of the first floor of the building into the first permanent MADI Museum. As such, the renovation of the building itself was designed in the MADI style; one that emphasizes innovative designs containing an array of geometric forms. The concept behind MADI is more than just an assembly of colored shapes, however – the art is universally accessible and appealing, and the more it is studied, the more multifaceted it becomes.

Mitsouko Mori In the fall of 2004 she was the MADI Museum’s Artist-in-Residence, and created works that are now on display in the museum, as well as in the museum shop. She created a large 3 part wall mural specifically for the Museum’s opening in 2003.

Naam museum: The Museum of Geometric and MADI art.
Opgericht: 2003.
Specialisaties: Geometrisme, Concretisme, MADI art.
Perioden: Modern, Hedendaags.

  • Concretisme | FR/NL | 1930 – Heden | Modern, Hedendaags | Schilderijen, Sculpturen, Objecten.
  • MADI art | INT | Schilderijen, Sculpturen | Modern, Hedendaags | Concretisme.

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Openingstijden:Tues – Sat – 11 am – 5 pm Thursday – Open til 7 pm Sunday – 1 – 5 pm.

Adres: 3109 Carlisle Street, Dallas, TX 75204-1194.
Telefoon: (214) 855-7802.


Collecties in beheer:

Moderne kunstenaars in collectie:

Hedendaagse kunstenaars in collectie:

  • Charles Bézie | FR 1934 FR | Reliëf schilderijen | Modern | Concretisme (Geometrie, Constructed).
  • Elvira Daeter | NL 1947 NL | Schilderijen, Sculpturen | Hedendaags | Abstract Divers.
  • Els van ’t Klooster | NL 1985 NL | Schilderijen, Wandsculpturen | Hedendaags | Concretisme (Constructed).
  • Mitsouko Mori | JP 1944 FR | Schilderijen, Neonconstructies | Hedendaags | Concretisme ( Geometrie, Constructed).
  • Henk van Trigt  | NL 1943 NL | Schilderijen | Hedendaags | Concretisme (Geometrie).
  • Jan Maarten Voskuil | NL 1964 NL | Schilderijen, Sculpturen, Objecten | Hedendaags | Concretisme (Constructed).

Exposities: (Solo / Duo / Groep / ?)


  • 21.07.2015: Winners of the MADI art 2015 biënnale of the Museum of Geometric and MADI art, Dallas US.
  • 14.07.2015: Elvira Daeter wint eerste prijs MADI art biënnale van Museum of Geometric and MADI art, Dallas US.

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